Food for thought

Food for thought

Unsalted is founded in early 2022 out of a need for items made from pure compositions. Our unseasoned garments are made from 100% wool and 100% organic cotton. What has this to do with food? Watch our brand video to find out.



One ingredient

The urge for garments in pure compositions grew when Iris, founder of Unsalted, worked as a buyer in menswear. During this experience, 100% compositions were the norm while blends were only chosen in case of a functional reason. When shopping for timeless essentials herself, Iris mainly came across blends. Often including synthetic fibres. Although blending different fibres can be a good thing if there is a functional reason behind it, it is also a common way for (fast) fashion companies to reduce costs. 


Here comes the food into play 

At the same time, Iris noticed that terms like polyester, polyamide and nylon stayed vague for consumers in general. An awareness that she saw happening in the food industry, where we pay more attention to the ingredients we eat comparing ten years ago. We choose a healthier lifestyle for our bodies and the planet. Once we are aware of the consequences of a certain ingredient, we start to make different choices. If we would pay the same kind of attention to the ingredients of our garments, we can make more conscious choices here as well.  


Care label 

Making more sustainable choices in times when all brands make sustainability claims is not easy, admits Iris. If you want to make a more conscious choice, looking at the care label is a good starting point. This way you get a better understanding of a garment’s composition, care instructions and country of origin of a garment. At Unsalted, we think the value of the care label is important and we, therefore, expanded it with a QR code on the label. By scanning this label, the consumer finds an extended version of the traditional care label. Here you will find all partners in the entire supply chain, extensive information about the material and extra care instructions. 


Food for Thought is an online campaign to create more awareness about the ingredients we wear and our consumer behaviour. It is also the start of our blog where we will share stories about materials, conscious consumption and how-to-care tips.

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