Our wool

Our favourite natural fibre is Merino wool. Due to its strength and many other technical advantages, it is there for the long run. It's the perfect ingredient for our unseasoned garments because you can wear wool all year round since the fibres are like a temperature regulator. Above all, this high-quality fibre is easy to maintain since it is self-cleaning and wrinkle-resistant. To refresh your wool garment, you can easily hang it in the fresh air. 

As much as we love 100% wool, it is not 100% perfect. We are critical of the ethical considerations we take, such as environmental impacts and animal welfare. To help ensure the fair treatment of animals, we only work with mulesing free Merino wool. And we have collaborated with True Cost Label, who executed a life cycle assessment (LCA) for our unseasoned garments. By increasing transparency and awareness about our impact, we can consistently improve our environmental and social impact. Read the LCA report on our pure wool garments here.

Australian Merino wool

Our Merino wool comes from Congi, a farm in the New South Wales region of Australia. Australia dominates the world’s wool market and is a leading producer of high-quality wool, mainly from Merino sheep. Congi is a family-owned farm with over a century of experience and holds around 30,000 Merino sheep on 10,000 hectares of property.   

Congi farm does not use mulesing, the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin around the tail to prevent the sheep from flystrike. Congi farm uses non-toxic spray to safeguard the sheep. 

Fabric from Biella

Botto Giuseppe e Figli Spa has produced fine yarns and fabrics since 1876. The fourth generation of the family runs the business today in the Italian province of Biella. For more than 140 years, Botto Giuseppe has kept all production operations based in Italy and is unique in their vertical manufacturing. Their factories facilitate all washing, combing, spinning, dyeing, warping, weaving and finishing. 

At Unsalted, we choose to work with Slowool, part of the Naturalis Fibra collection of Botto Giuseppe. These fabrics are from socially responsible wool, made with respect for the well-being of animals and the environment. 

Read the full sustainability report of Botto Giuseppe here